Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hat.

The weather sucks. I totally wasn't prepared! It's cold and windy, and all I have is my big 'ol black hoodie to hide under! I'll be going winter coat shopping soon, and hope I find one. It's hard to find an inexpensive yet cute coat that is big enough for "my girls"! And also, I get to buy a new hat this year. TJ and I made an agreement. He started working a part time job on top of his full time job so we can make ends meet. Me working full time is kinda out of the question when you consider how much daycare would run us for two kids. And, the Grandma's ( or WahWah's as Ivy would say! ) are both working during the week, so no more free daycare! Therefore, I am only working part time. Anyway, back to mine and TJ's agreement! SO, his first day off in like 2 weeks and he was invited the night before to the last Iowa Hawkeyes Football game. For free. Yes, a really big deal to him. I've never been interested in sports. Even in highschool I think I only went to like one football game and was totally bored. It's just not my thing. I liked going to my brother's soccor games, but that's about it. So, here's TJ looking at me with his big blue eyes, hoping that I won't be too sad that we can't have a family day, and that I'll say "okay, go!". Of course I was going to let him go, but guess what I got out of it? A HAT! So, now I'm just debating on what color I am going for. Give me your input, please.

Here are my options:

I'm leaning more towards the Blue. I'm always in all black, so I thought the Blue would be cool.


jen renee said...

you know what? don't get me wrong - I've got lots of love for Etsy, but Forever 21 has CUTE hats that are similar and only $5. I love the yellow.

Mama Foster said...

do the $5 one...and you can probably even go into the forever 21 in the jc mall and buy it and not have to pay s&h then tell tj it cost $18 and pocket the change! do it!

anyway i tagged your ass so you better do it! read my blog!