Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This guy....

There's this guy TJ that I've been hangin out with for awhile now! We became a couple in highschool. I was a senior and he was a junior. He was my first real relationship. I moved to Iowa from Arizona my junior year of highschool, and became good friends with a handful of people. That's how I met TJ. He was in a band and wrote a song about me....sweet, I know. That was about 8 years ago. We broke up for a couple years to explore life on our own, and here we are back together again. Two kids and a house later. He's the funniest person I know.
Here's us like a year after Highschool.

And here is TJ about a year ago.


Mama Foster said...

tj looks like a hobo and he is strung out on something in the bottom pic...haha he?

nicole.siefken. said...

No! I think he's cute in that pic!