Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trees and Zombies

Thanksgiving is over. It's time to put up the tree.

I've never really been into decorating for Christmas until I had Ivy. And now that she's almost 2yrs old (in Jan!) celebrating the holidays is totally fun. So, I've rearranged my livingroom to make room for our Christmas tree. Fake tree. I'm not a "real" Christmas tree kind of girl, I never have been. And, I totally agree with the Jim Gaffigan skit when he refers to chopping down a tree and putting it in your house "sounds like the behavior of a drunk man". Hilarious skit. Click the link below and you'll find out what I'm talking about...

I've been "crafting" a lot. It's so theraputic to make things. It's my "me time". Watch out friends and're getting homemade presents! I've posted some more things on my Etsy site, so you should go check it out. Just click HERE!

I've been totally craving watching "28 Days Later" and so we are going to watch in a few minutes. It's been so long since I've seen it, and now that my bro is in town I have someone to watch it with at 1:00am. The ONLY time I really can ever enjoy a good zombie movie. Tj's too tired to stay up that late. So, I'm chugging this coffee and I'm off to watch some zombies.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best Quote Ever!

" Love is not pretty, it's just a long line of poop jokes and cheap beer." - Sarah Hedlund

Courtesy of Jo's friend Sarah.

Coffee and Decoupage....'s 8am and I am drinking a can of Mt. Dew. It's very bad and very scarey! Because not only am I drinking soda in the morning, but it's also something my mom would totally do! Oh well. I would be drinking my good 'ol coffee with my french vanilla creamer, but I'm out of coffee filters! I forgot to grab some while at the store last night. It's very sad. Coffee is my drug of choice! Trying to keep going with the girls, man, I gotta have my coffee!Thanksgiving is tomorrow......and I have to make enought mashed potatoes for 10 adults, 2 tweens, and 2 toddlers! Okay, so the toddlers don't really count! T-day is at TJ's family's house this year. My mom will be in Kansas City with some family, so we're doing a dinner later this weekend. My brother is hopefully going to be staying with me tomorrow through Sunday. I don't get to see him often since he lives in Iowa City and is a 20yr old guy! So it'll be nice to have him around.

I've been working on my favorite thing....decoupage! It's the best thing ever. Decoupage make MY world go 'round. Here's a pic of a key/jewelry holder I finished:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My mom surprises me at times. Recently, she scored me an awesome garage sale find. A plasic, three drawer dresser full of tons of different laces and ribbons and strings. Most of the lace is vintage, it's great! And when I see vintage lace paired with scarey skulls, my heart melts with happiness! I decided to share my happiness with others and make some keychains/zipper pulls.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It snowed today. Ivy was so cute leaning her face on the window and repeatedly yelling, "It's snowing, mommy, it's snowing!". So, of course, we had to venture out into the white coldness. She had fun and her curiousity was out of control!

I added a few more items to my Etsy shop. There is still a ton more to come, just figuring out the time to finish stuff between our snow adventures, cheerio incidents, and story time!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's here...

So, I have opened my Etsy shop. It's totally new and not even close to everything is up. I just wanted to get it started and get some stuff up. I'm unsure on how I want to price things. I don't want people to think I'm charging too much for crap they could make themselves! But at the same time, I don't want to charge too little because then it's really just not worth it, ya know. Any way it's up. All I have up are some gift tags. I have much more that I am working on....I just want to stress that. If you think it's crap or don't like it....I don't care! I'm just trying to do stuff. Here's an example of my favorite gift tags that I'll be making more similar ones of soon.

I guess the basis of most of my items would be comics. I've collected numerous older comic books over the past years and thought it'd be cool to incorporate that. I'm also making key holders and wall decor and maybe some greeting cards. I'm just making stuff that I personally would probably buy or be interested it. I'm not sure how far I will be taking these things, but this is only the beginning so we'll see.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hat.

The weather sucks. I totally wasn't prepared! It's cold and windy, and all I have is my big 'ol black hoodie to hide under! I'll be going winter coat shopping soon, and hope I find one. It's hard to find an inexpensive yet cute coat that is big enough for "my girls"! And also, I get to buy a new hat this year. TJ and I made an agreement. He started working a part time job on top of his full time job so we can make ends meet. Me working full time is kinda out of the question when you consider how much daycare would run us for two kids. And, the Grandma's ( or WahWah's as Ivy would say! ) are both working during the week, so no more free daycare! Therefore, I am only working part time. Anyway, back to mine and TJ's agreement! SO, his first day off in like 2 weeks and he was invited the night before to the last Iowa Hawkeyes Football game. For free. Yes, a really big deal to him. I've never been interested in sports. Even in highschool I think I only went to like one football game and was totally bored. It's just not my thing. I liked going to my brother's soccor games, but that's about it. So, here's TJ looking at me with his big blue eyes, hoping that I won't be too sad that we can't have a family day, and that I'll say "okay, go!". Of course I was going to let him go, but guess what I got out of it? A HAT! So, now I'm just debating on what color I am going for. Give me your input, please.

Here are my options:

I'm leaning more towards the Blue. I'm always in all black, so I thought the Blue would be cool.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another day....

So, there's lots of reasons why I started this blog. My main reason is i need to get my creative juices flowing. I'm finally getting into somewhat of a groove with my girls, so I need to finish projects that I have started. I wish I lived close to Jo and could partake in her craft night. Oh well. I WILL get things done.....soon. I totally want to open my Etsy shop. Another reason is just so all my good friends and family that aren't close by can see what I'm up to.

In other news, Elouise will be 2 months in a few days, and she's already sleeping at least 6 hrs straight a night. It's amazing. Last night she slept from midnight until a little before ten this morning. I feel more human when I get more sleep, so I'm happy she's in this routine so soon. She's so freakin pretty, I love her! She's so happy, too! .....most of the time!

And, Ivy is such a smarty pants. Her vocabulary amazes me and she has a such an imagination. She's also very girly! This morning, she let me paint her nails. She just sat there the whole time, and helped me blow on her nails til they were dry. She does this weird thing with her shirts.....she'll put one of her arms through the neck of the shirt along with her head. Like tonight, I put her in an old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweatshirt (an awesome Goodwill find that TJ brought home when he used to work there like 5 yrs ago) that is huge on her but totally comfy. Here's what happened....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This guy....

There's this guy TJ that I've been hangin out with for awhile now! We became a couple in highschool. I was a senior and he was a junior. He was my first real relationship. I moved to Iowa from Arizona my junior year of highschool, and became good friends with a handful of people. That's how I met TJ. He was in a band and wrote a song about me....sweet, I know. That was about 8 years ago. We broke up for a couple years to explore life on our own, and here we are back together again. Two kids and a house later. He's the funniest person I know.
Here's us like a year after Highschool.

And here is TJ about a year ago.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Here are my awesome girls! Ivy Jane and Elouise Mae! They are my life. I love them more than I knew I could ever love. Ivy will be 2 years old in January, and Elouise is 8 weeks old. They are so cute together.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ready, Set.......

Yes, that's right, I started a blog.