Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grandma's Basement

Spok was recently introduced to his body double a couple weeks ago when my 70yr old Grandma pulled him out of a box in her basement and gave me the honor of letting it collect dust on my small toy shelf. Now, every time I walk into my kitchen I get a feeling of happiness seeing my two Spoks.

My Grandma also gave me her old roller skates. I almost cried. They are so amazing. The box is so amazing. Best gift ever.

My baby pie.

Elouise is growing up so fast! She is 6 mths old and wearing size 12 mths! She doesn't seem that big (to me) because she has such tiny features. It's even more weird because Ivy just turned 2, and just grew out of her 12-18 mth. I put them all upstairs in "storage" just a couple weeks ago, and now I got them out again! Crazy.

She scoots around everywhere on her belly. Rolling around like mad. She follows her husky laugh with an ear piercing squeal. She sits up on her own and flaps her arms as if she's trying to fly up to be at level with us giants. She is still bald! She is my baby pie.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Holy Crap

I can't wait for the new Yo Gabba Gabba episode with Jack Black. Here's a LINK for a sneak peek! Ivy's official favorite is Foofa. She's girly like that. I scored a new Plex hoodie for like $4. Walking through the clearance clothes at Walmart, on my way to the diapers. Found some cute Foofa PJ's, too. Gotta love clearance.

Speaking of cheap crap. This weekend is Spring Clean Up for our neighborhood. Everyone starts putting their crap and trash at the curb today, and the garbage guys pick it up on Monday. People come from all over town with their pickups to check things out. I don't have a pickup, but that's not stopping me! I just thought while I was out tonight, I'd drive up a couple different streets. I found one of those cars for kids. You know, the orange and yellow ones that practically every little kid in America has? Well, now my kid has one. I need to wash the mud off of it, and it doesn't have a horn. But it was FREE! Yessss.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey. So I found a new shop on Etsy that I have to share. Here's the sign that I just recieved and it is so awesome! I'm sure my fellow LOST junkies agree with me!

Anyway, you can check out her shop by clicking HERE!

holy crap...

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged. Not much new really.

I desperately need a new camera. My little cheapo camera has a malfunction, and our camcorder takes crappy pictures like this one:

Yep, that's Ivy. I left the room for just a moment and she thought her arms were a better canvas. I was obviously okay with it because I made the smiley on her belly. She got really sad when I put the markers away. My little artist!

Not much new in my "making stuff" world. My friend, Brian, is giving me his massive bucket of beer bottle caps. I'm totally excited. Him, our friend Drew, and I used to have a secret contest of who could collect the most caps. I guess this means by Brian giving me his.... I kinda win. Yesss. So, there will be more of a variety in my Etsy shop soon. I did post a couple new magnets since my last blog....like these: