Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coffee and Decoupage....'s 8am and I am drinking a can of Mt. Dew. It's very bad and very scarey! Because not only am I drinking soda in the morning, but it's also something my mom would totally do! Oh well. I would be drinking my good 'ol coffee with my french vanilla creamer, but I'm out of coffee filters! I forgot to grab some while at the store last night. It's very sad. Coffee is my drug of choice! Trying to keep going with the girls, man, I gotta have my coffee!Thanksgiving is tomorrow......and I have to make enought mashed potatoes for 10 adults, 2 tweens, and 2 toddlers! Okay, so the toddlers don't really count! T-day is at TJ's family's house this year. My mom will be in Kansas City with some family, so we're doing a dinner later this weekend. My brother is hopefully going to be staying with me tomorrow through Sunday. I don't get to see him often since he lives in Iowa City and is a 20yr old guy! So it'll be nice to have him around.

I've been working on my favorite thing....decoupage! It's the best thing ever. Decoupage make MY world go 'round. Here's a pic of a key/jewelry holder I finished:

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