Monday, January 26, 2009

Magnet Madness

So, a couple weekends ago when my cousin Rachel was in town, her and I snuck out while our babies stayed home with the Grandma/Aunts. We stopped at The Pink Hippo. They sell cute, girly, kinda a little TOO cheerleader-y hair bows for girls, toddlers, and babies. Um...side note...they said a little bow would work in Elouise's hair and just looked dumb! Gotta give 'em props for the could sales work. They got an extra 3 dollars from me.
Anyway, we stopped at Nobbies and then walked around the mall. It just happened to be the weekend that stores had some sale items outside in front of the store. Calypso is the best place at these times because it's just like the awesome stuff from Garage Sales and Thrift Stores. I scored a few awesome things.
First.....A large ziplock bag full of Pall Mall Cigarette matches. Price: $1.00. Amazing.
Second.....This incredibly awesome Key/Letter holder. I forget how much....but like $3 or something. Unbelievable. I love it so much. Rachel made fun of me for taking pictures of it!

Third......A ziplock bag full of old poker chips. When I was holding this bag, thinking..."what could I do with these?", a manly looking woman came out of Calypso and said to me in a very abrupt, loud voice, "I know, you need it, right?!". She was right! I totally needed them. So, I bought them.

This past weekend, my cousin, Rochelle, was in town from Omaha, and we got together and made stuff. She is crazy good at scrapbooking and has so many awesome supplies and things. And, I took along my poker chips, old books and comics, and my good 'ol Modge Podge. I made magnets....tons and tons of magnets. We sat there for most of the weekend, in our pajamas, at my Aunt Lanettes dining room table. We laughed so much. We had so much fun that she is coming in town one weekend a month, and we are going to just sit and make stuff. In our pajamas, of course.

Here's some pics of some awesome magnets I made. Check out more in my Etsy shop. I'll be posting more up soon.

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