Monday, January 5, 2009

Ivy's Birthday!!

Yesterday was Ivy Jane's 2nd Birthday. We went to the pet store, and she got a fish! I asked her what she wanted to name him (or her), and she sweetly responded, "Fish". So, "Fish" is the name of her fish! One of her little chairs to her table has a new home by where the small fish tank is. Ivy just stands there and looks at him. I took a pirate toy from my personal toy collection to make Fish's home complete. The fish is a Mickey Mouse.....Playta...or something like that! I don't remember! TJ and her picked it out. The black spot on "Fish" is shaped like Mickey Mouse's head....pretty cool.

We are having her party in a couple weeks when my cousin Rachel is in town. We decided this year to just have a family party. Our house is too small to have friends and family, so next year when she is older we will have to do 2 different parties. I'm sad about it, but I don't think that Ivy really cares at this age!

In other news....I have officially switched over to formula with Elouise. She got 31/2 months in of pure breastmilk goodness! Now, I feel like I finally have my body back and can get it back to "normal". Having 2 kids in 2 years has taken its toll, but in time, I'll get to a comfortable place. Bring it on Wii Fit....bring it on.

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