Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Comics, Comics, I love me some Comics.

Okay, well now that I have some extra time, in between the holidays and Ivy's birthday, I am getting back into the swing of things with my Etsy shop. I've been cutting out some comics and finding old items that I would normally just throw away, and I am decoupaging them with my comics! For example, here is an old baby formula can that I have covered in vintage comics. You can use it for pens, markers, paint brushes, or whatever.

Also, I got all these old picture frames that I'm in the process of decoupaging as well. Here's an example of one that I just sold. There's more to come! I'm excited. It so fun to decoupage! And turn something that you'd just throw in the trash into something cool.

Ivy's birthday party is coming up and I wanted her to have a special shirt to wear. For my nephew Ben's birthday party, I ordered him an awesome shirt from my friend Jen's shop. Here is a picture from his party last September.

So, I went searching for a "2" shirt for Ivy and found KooKooKids with the perfect shirt for Ivy's Monster Mash.

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