Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My girls are insanely cute together. At least.....I think they are! I have so much fun just sitting and watching them interact with eachother. Ivy is starting to think Elouise is hilarious. Because Elouise is more active now, ya know, and when she does things Ivy just laughs at her! The other day, for example, Ivy and Elouise were laying next to eachother on our couch. All of a sudden, Elouise lets out a squak, and Ivy looks over at her really fast, laughs, and says to me "Elouise crazy"!

Ivy is also fascinated when Elouise sits next to her. She thinks it's the coolest thing. And, Elouise is so laid back, she's totally entertained by Ivy's rambling spoken thoughts.

Ivy loves to read, and recently, has loved reading to Elouise. Here's a pic I took after bathtime the other day.

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jen renee said...

oh my gosh, they are waayyy too cute!