Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Craziness

This holiday season was so busy for our family. We had 6 Christmas'! Crazy. But, we got through them all without any bruises or scrapes....just incredibly awesome Christmas Presents! Ivy definitely got her practice of unwrapping presents! Christmas morning was just the four of us, and it was so calm and peaceful. The sun shining bright, Johnny Cash playing softly in the background, TJ's insanely potent morning breath! It was great.

Ivy had fun with the box to her Little People Town that my mom and Glenn got her.

And, she is totally in love with her Uncle Jeshua! He is staying with us at our house for a while, and she doesn't leave him alone! She'll bring all her toys to him and when he gets up, a HUGE amount of toys fall off from around him.I forgot a bib for Ivy when it came time to eat dinner at my Mom's Christmas. And, of course I didn't want to get her new outfit all messy, so we just took her shirt off and I caught her diggin in to Jeshua's bread!Besides her love of books and singing, Ivy is totally into coloring and drawing. For Christmas she got this doodle thing, and TJ's parents got her an awesome art easel with a chalkboard and dry erase, so she is totally set.

Christmas was just simply amazing this year. Ivy had a blast. Elouise was so good at all 6 Christmas'. And to top it all off......TJ and I got Wii Fit and an awesome camcorder!! AMAZING! I'm so grateful for all our family and all the gifts. I'm so grateful that my family and good friends could make it to Des Moines to visit. And I'm so grateful that it's finally all over with!!


jen renee said...

OMG... Ivy in that box had me rolling! (and L got the Muno guitar too - they can start a band!)

your girls are so cute and growing up fast! glad you guys had a merry christmas!

jen renee said...

(my previous comment had way too many exclamation points and I want to apologize.)