Friday, December 19, 2008

It's family time...whoa oh ohohoh...

These past couple weeks have been busy! My huge family Christmas was this past weekend. It was awesome. I love my family so much, and it was great to see everyone. I only remembered to take pictures one day of the whole weekend! Here are a few.
My cousin's husband, Josh, holding little Josh. And there's my main squeeze, TJ, with Elouise. Elouise and Joshie are only 3 weeks apart, so they will have eachother to beat up at future family get togethers!
And here's Ivy and Faith opening their PlayDoh! Ivy looks a bit discouraged with the whole wrapping paper thing. But loves her PlayDoh.

Whenever I ask TJ to at least pretend he's enjoying himself in a picture he gives me this SAME face! I have so many of him with Ivy like that, and now I'm stockin up on the ones with Elouise! It's hilarious.
Ivy was soooo crazy with excitment that I could barely capture a good picture of her! This is the best one I got! Her cousin Jourdan had to hold her still! She had a blast with everyone there. So did I. I can't wait until we see them all again!

And, my mom finished Elouise's baby blanket. She made one for Ivy when she was born, too. I just picked out the colors, and my mom did all the work! Next on her list...making me one!

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Lil' Brew Crew said...

I love how the boys match their babies. Josh is wearing green like Joshie and TJ is wearing red and black and Elouise is wearing Black and pink.. so cute!