Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We love Jack

Jack Black was recently the guest star on Yo Gabba Gabba. Ivy and I have been long time fans of Yo Gabba Gabba, and it's one of the shows we dvr. The Jack Black episode was AMAZING! Ivy loved it more than I did though, that's for sure. If she's having a bad day, is sad about something, or whatever......the answer to all her problems is Jack Black. I just have to say the magic words, "You wanna watch Jack Black?" and her tears magically disappear, and the world is a happy place again. I guess some rockin tunes, colorful creatures, and a funny bearded man is all it takes.

It's also awesome to be a mom and see that one of my daughter's favorite shows is starring Jack Black. I mean, come on, it's Jack Black. Tenacious D rules.

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